Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

 Well in our house we have done the Easter egg Hunting...a family tradition to do that on Friday...and we hold a pretty good hunt in our garden.....
We eat with our families over the days....

We enjoy the extra days off

We certainly eat our fair amount of Chocolate

We also spend a bit more time at our church......this is an important time in our faith calender.....the faith that I was bought up in and now we our children....the time of the year to reflect on our faith and the gift of Jesus giving up his life for us....

Our faith that has been tested many times over the years......the one that we can lean back into....that will always catch us when we find it all too hard....

The one that we share with those who wish to know.....

Easter is a big one for those who don't usually get to church...they come...reconnect with others, with Jesus....find out first hand what a faith can mean to them...

Yes we celebrate with the eggs and hot cross buns.....but we also acknowledge that we are not perfect and the gift of Jesus dying on the cross is enough to assure us of more.

So if you haven't been to church in a while...or ever....maybe you can find one for tomorrow...go check it out....go check out the people...the community....the faith that they profess....

Happy Easter


Him: Every man for himself at the Easter Egg Hunt

Her: Being a gentle helper with the littliest

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Surprise family reunions

* Hot Autumn days

* Boat cruising on the river

* Creative, clever bakers in the family

* Big birthday celebrations

* Overseas and interstate family catch ups

* Comparing family gene traits

* Chocolate Cherry Ripe Cheesecake

* Everyone willing for a family photo shoot

* Responsible kids who can mind their siblings

* Breakfast out with the lot

* The excitement and anticipation over the annual Easter egg hunt

* A perfectly still and warmish evening to entertain and showcase our beautiful garden

* Days off work

* Seeing family smile and laugh

#472 The amount of chocolate in the house....well for this chocoholic it is appealing.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekend Snippets

I know it is midweek but it has taken me this long to catch up.....

I don't know why I do it...every single time.....have high expectations that school holidays are going to be lazy, relaxed and full off lack of routine....

What I fail to remind myself is that I usually have to still head into the office for most of the first week, which means sorting the kids that are now not at school.....I have visions of long sleep ins, big clean outs, lots of crafting......

Enough of my lament.....these school holidays have started with a bang...a family reunion of all my husbands siblings for a big birthday bash.

We were warned to not organise anything...let it go under the radar, no attention bought to it at everything was done in secret...hard work when that someone doesn't like to be suprised or organised by others.

So flying in a family member from Texas and one from Sydney was a challenge.....

But oh so worth it in the end.....we truly celebrated ...we even hired a  private charter on our  beautiful cities river...... 

It was a stunning day and so many laughs were had and much catching up was is so very rare for us all to be together these days. 

So the last few days have been a mix of family dinners, photo shoots before everyone flies the coop again and me trying to prepare for second busiest time on the calender for me as a Children's Pastor.

A big holidays from the office begin NOW for a week.....still programmes to run over the Easter weekend but maybe a little lounging around and hanging out with the kids will happen.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014


 Him: A chat with the black swans that joined us for a short time on the river.

Her: Sailing beauty

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday Thankful List {on Friday}

* Extra cash to splurge

* Soccer pre season social mornings

* A flood of ideas on the WWW

* Easter treats made and packed

* A new Vegetable garden full of Winter seedlings

* Time with my sister on a shared passion.

* That my bike riding husband had that particular day off.

* Caring mates who called to check

* 9 year old boys who like their hair cut a certain way.

* Bargains on bargains at the op shop

* The excitement and anticipation of the annual Easter egg hunt.

* Two weeks school holidays just on the doorstep.

* A brave little guy after a couple of "stacks" this week.

* People in my life who are great at organising.

#456 Celebrating a nephew who turns 17 ( how can that be already)

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Ten On Ten - April Edition

1. Start the day right...head right everything else will fall in to place

2.End of Term...last day of playgroups.....Easter bunny masks to be made.

3. The highlight ...getting ready for the annual playgroup Easter egg Hunt.

4.Counting out 5 little eggs

5. Hunting with friends

6. Enjoying just 1 of the spoils.

7. No chocolate to be found here.

8. Friendly lot they are.

9.Won't be long before the Mulberry has no leaves on it.

10. A new haircut...choosing his own style these days.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Treats

With Easter nearly upon us and the end of the school term arriving I needed to make some little gifts for my playgroup helpers . They do such a great job every a little thank you gift was in order.

I made little bunnies using this pattern   , caught me some little bunny tails and packed them all up with a little bit of chocolate and chocolate drinking mix.

We even made one up for Fraser's teacher too.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Around Here

Just popping in to say hello.......

It has been a bit crazy around here......not much margin in any of our holidays are nearly here....

While I was working at the polling place all day Saturday, "my boys" were finishing off our latest veggie garden...we turned some of our grassed area around our Lemonade and Orange tree into a plot for vegetables.

Lots of winter types that hopefully will grace our plates over the coming months.

How is life for you....ready for the cooler months? Already on school holidays? Plenty of margin in your day to day living?Done any Winter gardening?

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Him : A rugby game at lunchtime in the school yard.

Her: Mooching around in MY pants...can you believe that!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Good soaking rains.

* Busy Bees, where many hands make light work.

* Giving away an abundance of eggs.

* Family afternoon teas to celebrate birthdays.

* Climbing into bed after a long day.

* Cloudy , dark, still quiet Mondays.

* Text messages from friends to check up.

* Slipper wearing weather.

* Warm Banana bread straight from the oven and a peppermint tea.

* Snakes in beds for April Fools.

* A non cook dinner - AKA take away.

* Book recommendations that can be found at the library.

* A handwritten thank you note received in the mail. 

#441 One more week till school holidays.

My other lists can be found here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not Just any old cake recipe

 Most of the yummiest recipes I have and cook, come from tasting something that one of my wonderful mums bring to playgroup for sharing at morning teas.......

This one is no caught my attention because it is gluten free and having someone in my extended family who fits that bill sounded good to me.

One draw back...I don't have a Thermomix and this was a recipe that required one.....insert sad face....that was until one of those lovely mums searched a non Thermomix version.....

and it did not was a hit for the birthday cake needed for the weekend.....Let me share in case you too want to indulge in a delicious, gluten free, talking point chocolate cake.....

The Magic Bean Cake (AKA Kidney Bean Chocolate Cake)

1 x 420g can kidney beans, drained
1 tablespoon water or coffee
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
70g unsweetened cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
125g butter
5 eggs
180g sugar

In a food processor, puree the beans, water/coffee, 1 egg and vanilla until smooth. Set aside.
Combine butter and sugar in a food processor or using an electric beater, until pale and fluffy.
Add the remaining eggs one at a time, processing or beating well after each addition.
Add bean mixture and process or beat until combined.
Add sifted cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt and mix well.
Pour batter into a 22cm greased round or ring pan and bake for approximately 35 minutes at 180 C . The cake will spring back when touched and skewer will come out clean when cooked.

(recipe found here) 

There was not much left.....even after they found out what the main ingredient was.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Snippets

* Some gardening unearthed what could belong to a "minimoy."..or maybe a long lost and long ago played with Barbie shoe.

* The rains came.....

*...and stayed around for the weekend.

* A family afternoon tea to celebrate the March to protract a 9 year old birthday

* I was in charge of the birthday cake.....will share in another post

Everyone else pitched in with the goodies for the afternoon tea.

* Luckily the rain eased long enough to sit in the garden for the festivities...helpful when you have 11 kids running wild.

* At long last the first true signs that the lime tree may be useful after all.

We are so glad to have had the it is dark, still and quiet...well here in this house anyways.....enjoy your week to come.

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